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Testosterone Replacement


What do feeling tired, being depressed, getting fat, losing strength and muscle mass, and having less erections all have in common? Oh, I forgot to mention loss of sex drive, low sperm count, and weak bones?


Yep -- all symptoms of low testosterone


Can you handle the truth?


The average male testosterone level – at any age-- has been declining steadily and is currently about 30% lower than it was in the late 1980s. There are multiple reasons for this, which you can explore here. This also coincides with drops in sperm count and fertility rates.


The normal aging process alone means that testosterone levels peak around 30 and then decline 1-2% pear year. Why? Because one testosterone-producing cell in your testicles dies every 4 seconds.


And if you are carrying some extra weight, you are in further trouble. It’s estimated that every one-point increase in your BMI causes a 2% drop in testosterone. This is because fat cells have high concentrations of the enzyme aromatase, whose job is to siphon off a portion of your testosterone and turn it into estrogen.


Menopause in females is a widely discussed, well-studied phenomenon, yet its equivalent in males – Andropause – for some reason is virtually ignored.


Here’s the good news: Replacing testosterone in those who are deficient has been shown to:


* Build muscle and burn fat

* Boost bone density

* Improve cholesterol levels

* Reverse atherosclerosis (aka hardening of the arteries)

* Improve mood and reduce anxiety

* Strengthen immune system

* Lower risk for heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer’s and diabetes



Dr. Turner will discuss a personalized approach with you. There are natural ways to boost testosterone, or, for those who want to begin treatment, there are options of injectable vs. creams.


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