Still open during COVID-19 restrictions. Also providing telemedicine appointments and Covid-19 testing.

COVID-19 Testing and Follow-Up








COVID-19 Testing & Follow Up








Wondering if you have had Covid-19?

We are now providing referrals for testing whether you have had Covid-19 or if you might have developed protective antibodies.

We have partnered with Tri Cities Labs (TCL) and Labcorp to offer their state-of-the art IgG antibody testing.

Learn more here:

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2. COVID-19 Animation: Coronavirus and Antibody Testing Explained

3. Understanding the Accuracy of the Test


NOTE: This test is NOT FOR YOU if you are currently sick and wondering whether you are infected (you would need the viral PCR test). This test IS FOR YOU if you are currently feeling well but wonder whether you have been infected in the past (i.e. more than 14 days ago).


Here’s how it works…


1. Pay $100 for the package below, which provides you the following two services:

  • The referral and order for the test
  • A video or phone follow-up visit to receive and review your results


2.  Schedule your visit with Dr. Turner 7-10 days out

  • As you click through below, select an appointment at least 7-10 days in advance to give yourself time to get the test completed.


3.  Choose whether you want a phone or video call

  • As you click through below, look for the box titled Contact Type


4. Wait for a message from our office indicating your test has been ordered

  • We will let you know once the order has been sent; at that point, just drop-in anytime to your nearest TCL.
  • The cost of the test itself is separate and is usually paid 100% by insurance. The lab staff will discuss this with you at the time of your blood draw.



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