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To receive care in a timely manner, use the email address that best matches your needs. 
New Patients: office@michaelturnermd.com  
Existing Patients: care@michaelturnermd.com  
Cancellations or Refunds: care@michaelturnermd.com  
Pharmacy Issues or Questions: pharmacy@michaelturnermd.com  
Account or Login Issues: care@michaelturnermd.com


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the price of the prescription included in the $119.00 Package price?


No, the prescription is not included in the $119.00 price. All prescription costs are paid directly to the pharmacy.


Is a Hydroxychloroquine prescription included with the Ivermectin prescription?


No, Hydroxychloroquine is not included with the Ivermectin prescription. Each medication is prescribed individually as needed. Any additional medication requires a Telemedicine appointment so that Dr. Turner can diagnose your symptoms and prescribe the appropriate medication.


Where can I schedule an appointment? I paid $119.00 and cannot schedule.


The $119.00 Covid Expedited Care package does not include a visit with Dr. Turner. Please select “Active Covid Infection” to book a Telemedicine appointment with Dr. Turner.


I am experiencing Covid symptoms and need to schedule an appointment. Why do I need to pay another fee of $249.00?


Covid Telemedicine visits are a separate appointment with Dr. Turner.


I paid $119.00 for the Covid Expedited Care Package, why have I not received a prescription confirmation?


All prescriptions will be processed within 24 to 48 hours unless the package was purchased on a weekend or after hours on Fridays. We will text and email you when your prescription has been processed


Why does the prescription cost so much to fill?


Due to the difficulties pharmacies may have acquiring Ivermectin, costs fluctuate constantly and may spike due to supply and demand. We cannot control the price of the medication.


Can I receive a Z-pack with my Ivermectin?


Any additional medications will be prescribed on a case-by-case basis during a Telemedicine visit with Dr. Turner depending on diagnosis.


Can I receive all my refills at once?


No, refills are spaced out according to Federal and State medical laws.


Can we treat a patient in the hospital?


No, Dr. Turner cannot treat patients once they have been admitted to the hospital.


Can I get a Telemedicine appointment this week?


We cannot guarantee the appointment for the same week. We are usually booked out a month in advance, however, we do have regular cancellations and can move your appointment to an earlier date if you have already secured a spot on the calendar. You must first purchase and schedule a Telemedicine visit. If you are experiencing Covid symptoms and need to move your appointment up to an earlier date, please email office@michaelturnermd.com with the subject line URGENT. We will then do our best to move your appointment up as soon as possible.






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