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Covid Treatment








COVID and all its variants...


Not too long ago I met a friend for lunch who had recently spent 5 days in the ICU – and when he walked into the restaurant, he looked like a stiff breeze could have knocked him over. During lunch, his hand was shaking, and he asked if I knew when this newly- acquired tremor would go away.


I had no answers for him.


I wish he had reached out to me earlier. You see, there are strategies to help prevent COVID as well as to provide early treatment should you become infected. Unfortunately, he had passed both those stages. If you’re seeking information on what you can do right now to either prevent or treat COVID, I encourage you to schedule an appointment with me to learn more.


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The Vaccine


Patients often want to know my position on the vaccine.

I am pro-vaccine. I have been vaccinated twice—not because I had to but because I wanted to—choosing to get my two Pfizer doses in early 2021.   

I believe getting a vaccine is the best medical decision for most people most of the time. There are exceptions to every rule, of course (severe allergic reactions, severe immune dysfunction)—but, as a rule, I believe vaccination is the best decision for most people.    

My reasoning follows these lines:   

1. A spike protein is a spike protein. The side effects from vaccines typically involve a person's body responding poorly to the presence of spike proteins. True: some people will respond poorly and have a triggered immune response involving inflammation in different organs, including the heart or central nervous system. This is truly regrettable... But the same thing would have happened from a COVID infection, which, obviously, carries with it its own spike proteins. A spike protein is a spike protein — your body does not know the difference.   And what's worse, in the case of a COVID infection, your body is exposed not just to the spike proteins but also to all the rest of this nasty virus... leading us to point #2... 

2. The short-term "side effects" of COVID are worse. Though vaccines can have side effects (at times, quite significant), the "side effects" of a COVID infection are much worse—filling up hospitals and ICUs around the country... Let's do a thought experiment: We will walk around our local ICU and ask a simple question: Who here is dying because of a vaccine side effect?...  And who here is dying because of a COVID infection?.. The answer is obvious. 

3. The long-term effects of COVID are likely to be much worse. People are often hesitant about vaccines because we don't have long-term safety data and they don't feel comfortable not knowing what problems the vaccine may present 3 or 5 years from now... Point well taken: I can understand... My only response is to counterbalance this thought with another thought: We don't know what the long-term effects of a COVID infection will be, either, and they are likely to be worse.

Consider that once a virus enters your body, it never truly leaves (with rare exceptions).  Consider Chicken Pox, for example: Grandma had Chicken Pox when she was a kid and it was no big deal—itchy rash for a few days and then it went away… Except that it didn't: It's just hanging out in her nervous system waiting for her to get old and weak so it can reassert itself as a nasty and dangerous case of shingles. (Hence the benefit of a shingles vaccine.) 

This is the same pattern in which herpes reasserts itself when you are stressed and your immune system function declines... or Epstein-Barr virus reasserts itself to cause Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

What might the COVID virus do 3 or 5 or 25 years from now once it has established itself in your body? No one knows... which brings us to...

4. Long COVID. Consider—in just the span of a year or so—how much COVID has already surprised us. At first we thought it was just a respiratory infection: so the thought was that if we could control swelling in the lungs, ventilate people if needed, etc., they would be fine... But then we started seeing people who survived the respiratory part only to develop all kinds of other nagging, chronic symptoms (brain fog, fatigue, headaches, weakness, loss of taste and smell, etc.) 


Because it turns out that COVID is actually a multi-system disease, causing havoc in multiple organ systems (Who knew?) and necessitating the creation of a whole new diagnosis: "COVID Long Haul".


Strengthen Your Immune System


The first thing I want you to understand is that your best defense against COVID is a healthy, robust immune system. (Which is, for example, the goal of the vaccine.) There are many ways to do this; here is my personal list of the absolute most impactful suggestions (click each link for further reading):


DAO Labs Immunity Blend


Minimizing/avoiding sugar

Mushrooms or mushroom extracts

Aged Garlic


NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine)



Specific Supplements with Proven Activity Against COVID


Just this week I talked to a patient who is also a nurse at our (now full) ICU. She said the hospital approach to COVID consists chiefly of just three interventions:

A. Give patients Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc (“because almost all the patients are deficient in them”).

B. Put them on oxygen and intubate if they deteriorate.

C. Make sure their blood doesn’t get too thick (strokes and heart attack risk).


So, how about getting proactive and giving yourself 1/3 of the hospital treatment before you ever get there!


VitaminPrevention Treatment (once infected)
Vitamin C500 mg twice a day1000 mg twice a day
Vitamin D3,000 iu once a day4,000 iu once a day
Zinc30 mg once a day100 mg once a day
*Quercetin250 mg once a day250 mg twice a day
*Melatonin6 mg at bedtime10 mg at bedtime
*NAC600 mg600 mg twice a day 


*Quercetin: The best source (price, quality, etc.) that I have found is here: 1 pill twice a day of this formulation

*Melatonin: I prefer the extended-release formulation because it helps you stay asleep as well as fall asleep. 1 pill at bedtime of this formulation

*NAC is currently hard to obtain. The best source (price, quality, etc.) that I have found is here: 1 pill twice a day of this formulation 

My references for these supplements are this YouTube video and this website (which also discusses Ivermectin; more on that later).


Ivermectin for COVID

I am often asked about Ivermectin. After doing my research, and seeing its beneficial effects on numerous patients and family members, I have reached the conclusion that it is a reasonable option for most people.


You can read more here.


There are two different regimens – one for prevention and one for treatment. If you are interested, we can arrange a consultation (virtually, if needed) to discuss your specifics and get you started.


Why do many prominent websites downplay or negate the role of Ivermectin?


I can offer you two reasons: fear and the concept of “levels of evidence.”


Understand that we live in a litigious society and that no one likes a class-action lawsuit. So unless you want lawyers or the FDA breathing down your neck, your organization is going to be extremely cautious about going public to say that X or Y treats Covid.


So, though Ivermectin has some promising evidence, it may not yet be convincing enough to garner the unqualified support of, say, The Mayo Clinic or the CDC.


It’s all about how high you draw the bar.


We all agree that an A+ student is a “good” student…What about a B+ student?..


If Ivermectin is a B+ treatment for COVID, then what does that mean? Would you consider it “effective” or not? Would you recommend it or not?


What if Ivermectin helps 2 out of every 3 people? Is that “effective”?


The problem is that real-life involves shades of grey and treatments rarely fit into tidy boxes. The devil is in the details, so to speak.


In conclusion, I wish you great wisdom, health, and safety during these trying times. I am here to help guide you with the very best of my education, experience, and goodwill.


Other Medication Options


My commitment to each patient is to bring a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to preserving health and preventing hospitalization.  Because new scientific information is always forthcoming, the specifics of my approach may change but the emphasis remains the same.  Other medications—including breathing treatments, steroids, and monoclonal antibodies—are helpful and have a role depending on the patient's specific condition.  In general, I draw my strategies from the following sources:










Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am interested in treatment for my spouse? Children?


Each person 18 years or older will need his/her own visit. We do not provide medication for anyone less than 18.


Is the price of the prescription included in the $149.00 Package price?


No, the prescription is not included in the $149.00 price. All prescription costs are paid directly to the pharmacy.


Is a Hydroxychloroquine prescription included with the Ivermectin prescription?


No, Hydroxychloroquine is not included with the Ivermectin prescription. Each medication is prescribed individually as needed. Any additional medication requires a Telemedicine appointment so that Dr. Turner can diagnose your symptoms and prescribe the appropriate medication.


Where can I schedule an appointment? I paid $149.00 and cannot schedule.


The $149.00 Covid Expedited Care package does not include a visit with Dr. Turner. Please select “Active Covid Infection” to book a Telemedicine appointment with Dr. Turner.


I am experiencing Covid symptoms and need to schedule an appointment. Why do I need to pay another fee of $249.00?


Covid Telemedicine visits are a separate appointment with Dr. Turner.


I paid $149.00 for the Covid Expedited Care Package, why have I not received a prescription confirmation?


Due to extremely high demand, it may take up to 7 days to process your prescription.


Why does the prescription cost so much to fill?


Due to the difficulties pharmacies may have acquiring Ivermectin, costs fluctuate constantly and may spike due to supply and demand. We cannot control the price of the medication.


Can I receive a Z-pack with my Ivermectin?


Any additional medications will be prescribed on a case-by-case basis during a Telemedicine visit with Dr. Turner depending on diagnosis.


Can I receive all my refills at once?


No, refills are spaced out according to Federal and State medical laws.


Can we treat a patient in the hospital?


No, Dr. Turner cannot treat patients once they have been admitted to the hospital.


Can I get a Telemedicine appointment this week?


We cannot guarantee the appointment for the same week. We are usually booked out a month in advance, however, we do have regular cancellations and can move your appointment to an earlier date if you have already secured a spot on the calendar. You must first purchase and schedule a Telemedicine visit. If you are experiencing Covid symptoms and need to move your appointment up to an earlier date, please email office@michaelturnermd.com with the subject line URGENT. We will then do our best to move your appointment up as soon as possible.