Still open during COVID-19 restrictions. Also providing telemedicine appointments and Covid-19 testing.

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Are you ready for a healthcare experience that is different and better than you’ve had before?

Are you ready for something personalized and holistic?

Are you ready for someone to listen, to pay attention, and to work closely with you?

Traditional medicine = rushed, inattentive, impersonal, usually without access to an M.D., and superficial.

This is something different: This is The Future of Medicine.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, but we do not directly bill insurance. Payment is made up-front to secure the visit. If you ask, we will gladly generate documentation that you can submit for reimbursement but we cannot guarantee the outcome.

Do you offer Telemedicine appointments?

Yes! If you are a new patient, please indicate your preference for this type of visit when you fill out the application below.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cannot make your appointment or need to change the time, we will gladly reschedule you. However, there will be a rescheduling charge and no refund will be provided if the request is within 1 week of the visit.


New Patient

Great! Please keep in mind that Dr. Turner has a busy schedule with limited openings. Consequently, he works only with highly motivated clients who are ready to take responsibility for their health.

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Already a Patient

Good to see you again! Schedule a follow-up visit below. Please note if you are unable to attend an appointment in-person, Dr. Turner offers telemedicine appointments.

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Covid-19 Testing and Follow-up

Wondering if you have had Covid-19? We offer the opportunity for an antibody test and telehealth visit to review your results.

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