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COVID Vaccine and Ivermectin

COVID and the Delta Variant 

The delta variant is here folks, and it’s no joke. I just met a friend for lunch who recently spent 5 days in the ICU –  and when he walked into the restaurant, he looked like a stiff breeze could have knocked him over. During lunch, his hand was shaking and he asked if I knew when this newly acquired tremor would go away.   

 I had no answers for him. 

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Strengthen Your Immune System

The first thing I want you to understand is that your best defense against COVID is a healthy, robust immune system. (Which is, for example, the goal of the vaccine.) There are many ways to do this; here is my personal list of the absolute most impactful suggestions (click each link for further reading): 

* Sleep 

* Minimizing/avoiding sugar 

* Mushrooms or mushroom extracts 

* Aged Garlic  

* Selenium 

* NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine)

* Airborne 

* DAO labs immunity blend  

Besides these general principles, we move on to… 

Specific Supplements With Proven Activity Against COVID 

Just this week I talked to a patient who is also a nurse at our (now full) ICU. She said the hospital approach to COVID consists chiefly of just three interventions:  

  1. Give patients Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc (“because almost all the patients are deficient in them”).
  2. Put them on oxygen and intubate if they deteriorate.
  3. Make sure their blood doesn’t get too thick (strokes and heart attack risk).

So, how about getting proactive and giving yourself 1/3 of the hospital treatment before you ever get there



Treatment (once infected) 

Vitamin C 

500 mg twice a day 

1000  mg twice a day 

Vitamin D 

3,000 iu once a day 

4,000 iu once a day 


30 mg once a day 

100 mg once a day  


250 mg once a day 

250 mg twice a day  


6 mg at bedtime 

10 mg at bedtime 


600 mg  

600 mg twice a day  


NAC 600 mg twice a day

Melatonin 10 mg at bedtime

Quercetin 250 mg twice a day 

My references for these supplements are this YouTube video and this website (which also discusses Ivermectin; more on that later). 

Ivermectin for COVID? 

Or how about hydroxychloroquine? Azithromycin? Budesonide? 

I am often asked about these different medication options: In my research, Ivermectin is the one that most robustly and consistently shows activity against the virus that causes COVID.  After seeing its beneficial effects on numerous patients and family members, I have become a fan.  

You can read more here.  

There are two different regimens – one for prevention and one for treatment. If you are interested, we can arrange a consultation (virtually, if needed) to discuss your specifics and get you started.   

Why do many prominent websites downplay or negate the role of Ivermectin? 

I can offer you two reasons: fear and the concept of “levels of evidence.”  

Understand that we live in a litigious society and that no one likes a class-action lawsuit. So unless you want lawyers or the FDA breathing down your neck, your organization is going to be extremely cautious about going public to say that X or Y treats Covid.  

So, though Ivermectin has some promising evidence, it may not yet be convincing enough to garner the unqualified support of, say, The Mayo Clinic or the CDC.   

It’s all about how high you draw the bar.  

We all agree that an A+ student is a “good” student…What about a B+ student?.. 

If Ivermectin is a B+ treatment for COVID, then what does that mean? Would you consider it “effective” or not? Would you recommend it or not? 

What if Ivermectin helps 2 out of every 3 people?  Is that “effective”? 

The problem is that real-life involves shades of grey and treatments rarely fit into tidy boxes. The devil is in the details, so to speak.  

In conclusion, I wish you great wisdom, health, and safety during these trying times. I am here to help guide you with the very best of my education, experience, and goodwill.   

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Your Partner In Health, 

Michael Turner, MD  


Michael Turner, MD

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